My first Mac

I just got my first mac ever. It’s a mac mini which I bought refurbished from Apple’s outlet store and paid $550 for it. I will be blogging about my experiences as I play with it. It’s hard to believe I am using mac, because I am a .net developer and a Microsoft fan.

The first thing I did is go through the inital setup. I entered basic information, configured my keyboard, registered the computer, entered wireless network info and that was that.

After going through the inital setup which was pretty straight forward by the way – I got prompted to download updates. There were 11 updates in all and about 500 Megs – ouch… It’s still downloading. While waiting for the updates; I downloaded and installed firefox and will switch to it after finishing this post.

PS: I wrote this post on my mac.
PS 2: All ajax and javascripts in wordpress admin site are working fine in Safari.


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