Geeks use Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are using the mouse to copy and paste then this site is not for you. And for Pete’s sake learn some shortcuts.

I have release the second version my keyboard shortcuts site that was featured on Microsoft’s Ajax showcase.

The site is now running on 3.5 using all kind of neat features in the new framework:

  1. LINQ
  2. Lambda expressions
  3. Anonymous methods
  4. Object initializers
  5. Nested master pages
  6. Syndication framework for generating feeds

by julian-


I also added lots of new features, so let me know what you think.

Here is the list of new features:

  1. User registration
  2. Feeds everywhere e.g. search for visual studio and subscribe to that feed to get all newly submitted shortcuts with that search term
  3. User voting (digg like), so vote to make sure only the good shortcuts make it
  4. User voting through RSS feed
  5. Best and latest shortcuts (and feeds)
  6. Top 10 search queries
  7. Much better UI and UX (I think)

More features coming soon:

  1. Favorites
  2. Printer friendly pages, so you can print your favorite keyboard shortcuts
  3. And whatever you guys suggest, so let me know…

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