Yonkly: New Release 04-14-08

[update: Yonkly source code is now public]

I just released an updated version of Yonkly.

Here is a list of changes, additions and improvements:

  1. Fixed email issues
  2. Added About section under the avatar
  3. Using TinyUrl for Url shortening.
  4. Added profile Url under the avatar (so add your blog/website to your profile)
  5. Added more stats and each one is linked to the appropriate view
  6. Improved the message timestamp, so it is more granular (days, hours and minutes)
  7. Improved search so “tes” will match “tes*” but will only return 5 matches.
  8. Improved error handling and a generic error page.
  9. Added error logging to database
  10. Improved performance of some queries
  11. Refactored code and views

I will try to update it every couple of days, so stay tuned for more updates.

Don’t hesitate to request/suggest a feature. I am kind of winging it right now.


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